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MLB Season Almost a Certainty – New World Series Odds

April 28, 2020
MLB baseball odds

It seems as though things are beginning to open up again and life in some parts of the country is getting closer to normal than at any other point in the month of April.

The optimism being felt is reflected in all parts of our culture including sport. Recently, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the following: “While I fully anticipate that baseball will resume this season, it is very difficult to predict with any accuracy the timeline for the resumption of our season.”.

It is estimated that if baseball can get going again in July, there can be between 80-100 games played. That is plenty of baseball to figure out which team deserves to be in the playoffs. In fact there are plenty of shortened baseball seasons in its long history.

People want and need baseball. America’s historic past-time, which has been surpassed by the NFL in popularity, still holds a huge fan-base and generates huge revenue. It also serves as a summertime placeholder for many of us. If  we don’t have a baseball season, it is likely that our internal sports clocks will get all discombobulated.

2020 World Series Odds Adjusted After Corona Virus

Los Angeles Dodgers+400
New York Yankees+400
Houston Astros+1000
Atlanta Braves+1800
Minnesota Twins+2000
Washington Nationals+2000
St.Louis Cardinals+2800
Tampa Bay Rays+2800
Chicago Cubs+3300
New York Mets+3300
Oakland Athletics+3300
Cincinnati Reds+4000
Cleveland Indians+4000
Los Angeles Angels+4000
Philadelphia Phillies+4000
Chicago White Sox+4500
Boston Red Sox+5000
Milwaukee Brewers+5000
Arizona Diamondbacks+6600
San Diego Padres+6600
Texas Rangers+12500
Toronto Blue Jays+25000
Colorado Rockies+30000
Kansas City Royals+50000
Pittsburgh Pirates+50000
San Francisco Giants+50000
Seattle Mariners+50000
Baltimore Orioles+100000
Detroit Tigers+100000
Miami Marlins+100000