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  • Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds

    Exact Super Bowl Matchup Odds – Super Bowl 57

    Its always fun to look at the “what if” futures odds at the start of the season if for not other reason than to see who the oddsmakers think are most likely to be playing in the big game. ...
  • MLB baseball odds

    MLB Season Almost a Certainty – New World Series Odds

    It seems as though things are beginning to open up again and life in some parts of the country is getting closer to normal than at any other point in the month of April. The optimism being felt is ref...
  • betting college football futures

    Strategy for Betting Championship Futures

    Some folks may think that betting championship futures is about betting the team you think is most likely to win. That is at least only partially true. It is about finding the best value as well as li...

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