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The Betting Landscape of 2020

June 23, 2020
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The year has been generally been chaotic for everyone but the sports and sports gambling industries has felt the affect as much as any. We went from an expected Super Bowl betting record back in January to almost total silence by March.

Many sportsbooks have been able to survive by putting on virtual games and taking bets on those. If you don’t know what virtual or sim games are, just think of letting a video game like”Madden” play itself and everyone can bet on the outcome.

There have been some sporting events able to continue operating throughout the world. There are some baseball games happening in Asia. Also, soccer has resumed play in Europe.

One other type of betting that usually draws large crowds, and will flourish again when it is allowed to do so is esports. Essentially these are video game competitions (pictured above). The younger generation finds them extremely exciting. Back in 2017 we wrote an article about esports and the fact that it hasn’t really challenged live sports in handle and viewership yet. But, the gap has closed somewhat and esports are growing in popularity every year.

Today, it was announced that Major League Baseball will play this year. There was much fear that it would be cancelled. But it appears we will get to see teams play a 60 game season and then a playoff and World Series. This means a great deal for any sportsbook or betting outlet in the world. This will be a more condensed streamlined version of a baseball season, one which many people may prefer because every game counts that much more.

The NBA will resume play next month as well and it appears by all accounts that football will get underway as scheduled too. The only championship truly affected by the shutdown was NCAA basketball who will have no champion listed for the year 2020.