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MLB Post-Season Odds – World Series Odds – Pennant Odds

September 27, 2020
MLB Post Season Bracket 2020

The Covid shortened regular season is in the books. With that the MLB playoffs are expanded to include 16 of the 30 teams. So, almost everyone gets a participation trophy.

It definitely makes things a little more interesting. The first round sees 8 series of best-out-of-three. Tampa Bay being the number one overall seed of the AL is a bit of a surprise for anybody not really following the season too closely. But they have fielded one helluva team and have given division rival NYY Yankees fits. For enlarged playoff bracket image click here

The Chicago Cubs have the unfortunate duty of playing the Florida Marlins, a team that has never lost a playoff series. You probably remember the last time they played one another in the playoffs. After the “Steve Bartman Game” the Marlins went on to win the whole thing.

The White Sox limped into the post-season. After being the team to beat, they couldn’t beat a team the final stretch of the regular season (going just 1-7 of their last 8). They better find new inspiration or the Oakland A’s will make short work out of them.

NL Pennant Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers+140
San Diego Padres+450
Atlanta Braves+550
Chicago Cubs+750
Cincinnati Reds+1200
Miami Marlins+1600
Milwaukee Brewers+1600
St. Louis Cardinals+1600

AL Pennant Odds

Tampa Bay Rays+325
New York Yankees+350
Minnesota Twins+600
Oakland Athletics+600
Chicago White Sox+700
Cleveland Indians+700
Houston Astros+1200
Toronto Blue Jays+1600

2020 World Series Odds

Los Angeles Dodgers+300
New York Yankees+650
Tampa Bay Rays+650
San Diego Padres+1000
Atlanta Braves+1200
Chicago White Sox+1400
Cleveland Indians+1400
Minnesota Twins+1400
Oakland Athletics+1400
Chicago Cubs+1600
Cincinnati Reds+2500
Houston Astros+2500
Miami Marlins+3300
Milwaukee Brewers+3300
St.Louis Cardinals+3300
Toronto Blue Jays+3300