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Rays vs Dodgers World Series Pick – OddsBooster Too

October 19, 2020
Rays to Win World Series

The Dodgers are clear favorites in this years World Series, which starts tomorrow evening. In fact they are about a 2/1 favorite to win the series. But in my humble opinion the odds are inflated. This is probably due to several factors:

  1. Market size (LA vs TB)
  2. Popularity and history of the team
  3. People’s perception that the Dodgers “are due” after having lost their last two appearances in three years time.

I feel there is real value here on Tampa. The Dodgers only had three more wins than the Rays in the regular season. Also, the Rays played stiffer competition. Playing the Yankees over and over again is not an easy task for anyone.

There is no home field advantage. This is a neutral site series (because of Covid). So the usual home team advantage that would be enjoyed by the Dodgers is almost totally neutralized. I saw “almost” because there will be 11,500 fans allowed at the World Series.

When analyzing this series ourselves we had LAD -140 for the series. But the inflated odds have made them as high as -220 at some places (William Hill).

I am taking the Rays myself. And if you like the Rays too, you should be aware that there is an oddsbooster special on the Rays at They are being offered at +200 there. Compare that to another sportsbooks like which has the Rays at +160. Get an extra 40 cents for your bet by using the oddsbooster.

Oddsbooster section is on the left side main menu within the BO member area.


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