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BetOnline Has Heavy Exposure on Trump – Election Odds

Scott Morris | October 29, 2020
Trump vs Biden exposure at sportsbooks

People bet just about anything that has an uncertain outcome. This includes major political elections as well. The 2020 election is heating up and Tuesday is the official elections, though many millions of people have voted early.

One sportsbook that has take in a ton of action on the 2020 election is They are lopsided on end exposed on Trump. Even though most of the so-called independent polls have Biden as a shoe-in to win. Many people remember that the same was said about Hillary Clinton just four years ago and we all saw how that turned out.

70% of the bets taken in by BetOnline are on Trump. If Trump wins the sportsbook stands to lose “mid six figures”. The odds came down from Biden -200 because of a significant amount of action on Trump in the last 72 hours.

It is important to remember that data suggests that Democrats and Republicans bet about evenly on sports and events. In fact, 57% of Democrats are bettors whereas only 52% of Republicans place bets. It could be a reasonable conclusion that this data reflects that more people will be voting for Trump the way they are betting.

Currently the odds to be President are:

Biden -180
Trump +160

Voter Turnout Total ( Over Under)

Over 149.5 million (-350)
Under 149.5 million (+225)

2024 Election Futures Odds

PersonPayout (risking $100)
Kamala Harris300
Nikki Haley600
Joe Biden700
Mike Pence800
Andrew Yang1000
Bernie Sanders1200
Pete Buttigieg1600
Beto O'Rourke2000
Michelle Obama2000
Stacey Abrams2000
Tim Scott2000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez2500
Andrew Cuomo2500
Elizabeth Warren2500
Mark Cuban2500
Amy Klobuchar3300
Cory Booker3300
Donald Trump Sr.3300
John Kasich3300
Michael Bloomberg3300
Deval Patrick4000
Gretchen Whitmer4000
Josh Hawley4000
Sherrod Brown4000
Dwayne Johnson5000
Hillary Clinton5000
Michael Bennet5000
Ted Cruz5000
Tom Cotton5000
Kanye West5150
Dan Crenshaw6600
Jon Stewart6600
Oprah Winfrey6600
Paul Ryan6600
Tulsi Gabbard6600
Val Demmings6600
Kristi Noem6900
Ben Shapiro10000
Candace Owens10000
Donald Trump Jr.10000
George Clooney10000
Ivanka Trump10000
Meghan Markle10000
Ron DeSantis12500
Bob Iger15000
Condoleezza Rice15000
Elon Musk15000
Eric Garcetti15000
Eric Holder15000
Gavin Newsom15000
Howard Schultz15000
Jamie Dimon15000
Jared Kushner15000
Julian Castro15000
Kirsten Gillibrand15000
LeBron James15000
Mike Pompeo15000
Mitt Romney15000
Rand Paul15000
Tammy Baldwin15000
Tammy Duckworth15000
Tom Steyer15000
Bill Gates20000
Charlie Baker20000
Chelsea Clinton20000
George P. Bush20000
Greg Abbott20000
Jeff Flake20000
Joe Kennedy III20000
Lindsey Graham20000
Mark Zuckerberg20000
Nancy Pelosi20000
Tommy Tuberville20000
Kayleigh McEnany25000
Clay Travis50000
Dana White50000
Joe Rogan50000
John Cena50000
Mitch McConnell50000

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