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  • election biden trump live betting

    Current Live Election Odds – 2024 Election Futures & More!

    You can still bet on the presidential election as it is unfolding before our very eyes. This isn’t like most years when we would know who was going to be President before we went to bed. This ye...
  • Trump vs Biden exposure at sportsbooks

    BetOnline Has Heavy Exposure on Trump – Election Odds

    People bet just about anything that has an uncertain outcome. This includes major political elections as well. The 2020 election is heating up and Tuesday is the official elections, though many millio...
  • Trump leave office odds

    Odds That Trump Will Leave Office

    Whether you view the impeachment hearings as a legitimate event or just another ruse by the leftist democrats, the fact is that it is happening. It is important to remember that a President can be imp...
  • presidential odds 2020

    2020 Presidential Odds

    Sportsbook Advisor is a mainly a sports betting information website. But, from time to time we like to mix in entertainment odds as well as political odds. Betting on who will win the next presidentia...
  • Will Smith & Hillary Clinton Same Odds to Win 2020

    The betting odds on who will be elected President of the United States are published and available from multiple sportsbooks. Other than the strong possibility that Donald Trump may run again, there a...
  • Presidential Election Odds On a Roller Coaster Ride

    The 2016 U.S. presidential election is just 24 hours away. The odds over the past month have taken a roller coaster ride and shifted drastically. If sports bettors had to deal with these types of odds...

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