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  • Super Bowl exposure report

    What are Sportsbook’s Biggest Super Bowl Exposures?

    Bettors can take who they like to win the Super Bowl all through the season. The odds are constantly changing but a bettor can lock them in when they see something they like. For instance, if you stil...
  • teams that sportsbooks don't want to win it all

    Sportsbooks Stand to Lose Big If These CFB Teams Win It All

    Over the course of the past 16 college football seasons, the national champion has come from the SEC 12 times. That includes each of the past three seasons. If one of the two top favorites – Georgia...
  • Trump vs Biden exposure at sportsbooks

    BetOnline Has Heavy Exposure on Trump – Election Odds

    People bet just about anything that has an uncertain outcome. This includes major political elections as well. The 2020 election is heating up and Tuesday is the official elections, though many millio...
  • MLB exposures

    Sportsbook Exposure Report on MLB Futures

    With the baseball in the backstretch of the season, it is a good time to sit down and examine sportsbook’s heaviest exposures. If you are not hip to gambling jargon, this means we will examine w...

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