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Favorites for the Art Ross Trophy in 2020/2021

Scott Morris | February 27, 2021
NHL Hockey odds

The Art Ross Trophy is an award given out each year in the NHL to the player who leads in scoring points. It is based on the regular season. The award is named for Art Ross, who was the manager-coach for the Boston Bruins. He presented the trophy to the first winner, Elmer Lach from the Montreal Canadiens, in 1948.

Who Was Art Ross?

Art Ross was involved in professional hockey from 1905 until 1954. He was a defenseman, and he was one of the best of his time. He was the first hockey player to skate up the ice with the puck rather than passing it to a forward. He played on two Stanley Cup Championship teams, and he was a professional player for thirteen seasons.

Ross played for several different teams in the National Hockey Association, which was the predecessor to the NHL. He continued with the NHL, and in 1911, he led a strike for higher wages for players. After he retired, he was an official on the ice for a few years and then he became a coach. When the Boston Bruins were formed in 1924, he became their coach and manager. He helped them finish first in the league ten times and win three Stanley Cups.

In addition to his skills as a player and a coach, he helped to improve the way the game is played. He created the style of hockey puck that is used today, and he helped change the style of the goal nets. He donated the Art Ross Trophy in 1947 to be awarded to the player who leads in scoring. Only one defenseman has won it, which was in the 1974-75 season. Ross was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1949. He was a legend in the sport.

Art Ross Trophy Favorites This Season

If you are into New Jersey Sports Betting, you can bet on your favorite player to win the Art Ross trophy this season. Right now, Connor McDavid is the favorite at -225 odds. He won the trophy in 2017 and 2018, and he leads the field this season. His teammate, Leon Draisaiti, is in second with +400 odds, and he won it last year.

The top eight favorites to win this season include:

Connor McDavid at -225
Leon Draisaiti at +400
Mitch Marner at +900
Auston Matthews at +1400
Patrick Kane at +1500
Mark Sheifele at +2300
Nathan MacKinnon at +2700
Brad Marchand at +3000

McDavid is seen as the best player in the league, and he is having a great season. His biggest competition for the award is his teammate Draisaiti. McDavid might have won back-to-back years, but Draisaiti looks great this season and he has a shot. However, with the short season, McDavid is less likely to be injured.

Who Else to Watch

Although it appears that McDavid and Draisaiti will finish first and second, there are others who are interesting to watch. Mitch Marner, the forward for the Maple Leafs, scored 21 points in the first 13 games of the season. He leads NHL forwards in ice time per game, and he looks great this year.


McDavid’s odds continue to improve as he had 27 points in his first fourteen games. He was also the favorite last year until his teammate passed him. He has finished first twice and second twice in the last five years, and he is on track to win again this season. He is doing so well that the only thing that could take him out of contention is an injury, but it is unlikely with the shorter season. He missed seven games last season, which helped Draisaiti take the title.

Final Words

Hockey fans always get excited to see who wins the prestigious trophies at the end of the season, and the Art Ross trophy is no exception. Even though some players appear to be unbeatable, anything can happen in hockey. It is fun to watch and root for your favorite players, and it can also be fun to place a bet on your favorite. You can choose a longshot for fun or just go with your favorite player.

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