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Current Super Bowl Betting Trends

May 8, 2021
Man places bet on Super Bowl at William Hill

The draft has been completed and teams mostly have their pre-season rosters. There may be a few free agents to sign but 98% of players have found their pre-season home. That means that sports bettors can take their educated shots at the sportsbooks as to which teams they think will win Super Bowl 56.

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A few teams you usually see at or near the top are a little bit lower than usual. Green Bay is a little lower than years past because of the uncertain situation at the QB position. As you probably know, Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. We have posted odds as to what Aaron Rodgers’ next team will be. I bet you that New England wishes they would have known about this situation before they signed Cam Newton to another contract.

The information found below was provided by sportsbook behemoth William Hill. It contains % of both dollars and total tickets of betting up until this point. The season may be young but we are talking hundred of thousands of dollars already having been bet.

Super Bowl Betting Numbers as of May 7, 2021

TeamOdds% of Tickets% of dollars
Green Bay+10006%5%
New England+4000NA3%