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  • How did sportsbooks do after super bowl 56?

    How Much Did Sportsbooks Win on Super Bowl 56?

    The bulk of the bets taken by a sportsbook are on the side (spread) and total (over-under). But a nice little chunk always comes in on props and live betting. Some years, like this year, the books are...
  • Super Bowl 56 Free Pick

    Handicapping Super Bowl 56 – Inside the Numbers – Picks

    The big game is only 24 hours away and its time for our last article relating to that game. In this article we will go over both teams and what the stats say about each of them and explain any leans w...
  • Quick Super Bowl 56 bonus offer

    Super Bowl 56 Sportsbook Special Bonus Offer & Prop Report

    Sportsbooks around the country are putting together ways to get players involved by making the Super Bowl a multi-faceted betting event. Gone are the days of just picking the winner against the spread...
  • Super Bowl 56 Best Bets

    One Super Bowl Bet You Need to Lock in Now

    What if you could make a Super Bowl bet that was essentially free money? You’d be all over it, right? Well, there are no guarantees in sports betting, but there is one Super Bowl bet that you should...
  • Rams to be listed as Road Team in Super Bowl why?

    Rams to be ‘Road’ Team at SoFi

    For the second time in history, and for the second time in a row, a team gets to play the Super Bowl in its home stadium. In this case, however, the L.A. Rams won’t be the official home team. Last y...
  • Super Bowl 56 Point Spread

    Super Bowl 56 Point Spread – Opening Line

    The big game is set. Within minutes of the NFC Championship Game finishing, sportsbooks had their line published. In game one, we saw a hard fought battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas...
  • Super Bowl 56 Look Ahead Lines

    Super Bowl 56 Look Ahead Lines and Picks

    One fun offering which certain sportsbooks offer is the look-ahead-line. This is a betting line where you can wager on a game that isn’t set yet but has a high likelihood to be a real matchup in...
  • Super Bowl 56 details

    Everything you need to know before Super Bowl 56

    The NFL playoffs for 2022 have begun, and two teams will soon be competing for Super Bowl 56. The Buccaneers looked assured to be the first club to win a championship on their own turf, but a new team...
  • stats for each team to win the super bowl

    Odds for Each NFL Team to Make the Playoffs After Week 15 of 2021

    Looking ahead to the NFL playoffs is not hard to do seeing as how there are only three regular season weeks left. Teams are fighting for their spot. The old poker saying “a chip and a chair̶...
  • Why the Packers Will Win the Super Bowl This Year

    Yes, the Super Bowl LVI champion this year will have “Bay” in its name. It just won’t be Tampa Bay. It will be Green Bay. That’s right. This year’s Super Bowl champion will be the Green Bay ...

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