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Gus Johnson #2 Most Annoying Sports Announcer

Scott Morris | September 2, 2022
Gus Johnson is Terrible

The overly excitable Gus Johnson has announced college football games for some time now. He starts each game at a tolerable level and you barely notice he is there. As the game progresses however, you will begin to notice him more and more. His “M.O.” is to pick a player (or players) to bloviate about. The player becomes an obsession for him. He also begins to yell more and more as plays unfold. He basically becomes a fanboy with a microphone. He is basically a nerd who is trying to sound cool. He is highly annoying.

Over at “The Spun” they posted an article about this guy. They posted an article entitled College Football Fans Are Glad To Have Gus Johnson Back. Now I see why they call themselves “The Spun”. The fact is that after Gus Johnson games we see a spike in traffic to our own article on the topic titled Most Hated TV Sports Announcer – Poll – Poll Results. Those new visitors to that page are there for one reason: to see if others feel the same way about the Ninja-Turtle-looking-dude named called Gus Johnson. They then cast their vote to see the results of the poll, results which are none too surprising.

Listen to Gush Johnson lose his shit on this play. Prepare to cringe:

Wasn’t that terrible? He is intolerable.

Who is #1 Most Hated Announcer?

Joe Buck has cemented himself in first place as the most annoying sports commentator/announcer. He has been since we published the article almost a year ago. At one point he peaked at 50% of all votes. But his marketshare of hate has been dropping. Why is that? Ans. Gus Johnson.

college football

Gus has been gaining ground on the “monotone mule” aka Joe Buck. In fact, at the time of publication of this article, Gus has secured the #2 overall spot, garnering 111 out of 584 votes for most annoying TV sports announcer.

The poll reassures my faith in humanity. People are as annoyed as I am and by the same people. Heck, some games I watch with the sound turned down.

So here’s to the rest of you haters, who like me, think voices and commentary from the likes of Joe Buck, Gus Johnson, Chris Collinsworth and Bill Walton are the equivalent to proverbial fingernails on the chalkboard. Feel free to cast your vote here

Most annoying sports announcer

Screen shot of poll results

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