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  • Gus Johnson is Terrible

    Gus Johnson #2 Most Annoying Sports Announcer

    The overly excitable Gus Johnson has announced college football games for some time now. He starts each game at a tolerable level and you barely notice he is there. As the game progresses however, you...
  • The most hated sports announcers on TV - poll

    Most Hated TV Sports Announcer – Poll – Poll Results

    “Do you believe in miracles?” “Whoa Nelly!”  They are some of the most iconic phrases brought to us by some of the best sports announcers of all-time. This piece is not about them rather it i...
  • 2021 NFL football schedule

    NFL Releases Full 2021 Schedule

    New 17-Game Schedule Is Official for all 32 NFL Teams In a made-for-television event that rivaled the NFL Draft, the NFL’s schedule was released on Wednesday night. The scheduling process involv...
  • All about the 2021 NCAA Tournament

    Your Guide to March Madness 2021

    With the 2020 men’s college basketball tournament cancelled due to the coronavirus, the NCAA wanted to take every step it could to make sure the 2021 version would be played. They did just that when...
  • Bowl Games Schedule

    As an easy matchup and TV reference for the bowl games, 5 dimes has provided this chart:   2012-13 College Football Bowl Schedule Bowl Location Date/Time TV Gildan New Mexico  Arizona vs Nevada ...

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