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Sports Betting Sayings That Might Actually Save You Money

September 4, 2022
Sports Betting Wisdom

Sports betting is not an exact science, that is for certain. You have to spend time researching the numbers. But there is also room in your sports handicapping efforts for hunches. Do the numbers support a pick and you also have a good feel for it? Then maybe you should bet more.

Over the many years of people betting on sports, some sayings have emerged which are also considered to be general wisdom. In this article we want to take a look at some of those sayings and analyze them.

If There is Any Doubt There is No Doubt

This one applies for serious sports bettors who only bet a few games per week. They usually bet large amounts on just two or three games per week. This type of bettor wants all the numbers to point one way, to have a good hunch and even possibly have the public betting against his pick. If he starts second-guessing his pick then he should probably pull the cord and bail out. There are always more opportunities around the corner.

If You Ain’t Tryin’ You Dyin’

This truism is geared toward the sports bettor who just bets hunch games and puts in little or no real handicapping work. Going on your hunch alone can be a quick way to get into a negative balance.

Hoping to Recoup is What Ruins the Gambler

This is a saying which is a harbinger against “chasing money” aka the act of betting only to recoup earlier losses. There is no better way to escalate a losing spiral than to chase money. Simply don’t do it.

If You Think Long You Think Wrong

This is another saying which is used in life outside of sports gambling. This saying could be valuable if you have done your research, like what you see, and have locked in your pick. But, as game time gets nearer you start second guessing yourself. Whether you are being influenced by another person’s chatter or you are nervous about the money, you shouldn’t let unnecessary doubts creep in. Now, if you learn of a new factor, like an injury for example,  you actually have good reason to reevaluate your pick.

Luck Sometimes Visits a Fool, but Never Sits Down with Him. – German Proverb

This saying goes for players who have won betting by a series of lucky breaks. The sports bettor cannot rely on that happening indefinitely. They must study the matchups and apply good sound handicapping methods. Luck always runs out.

Eat Your Betting Money, but Don’t Bet Your Eating Money

This one is pretty obvious. Don’t bet money you cannot afford to lose. That is the cardinal sin of gambling.

Quit While You’re Ahead. All the Best Gamblers Do. – Anonymous

If you got some good early wins and are ahead for the day, don’t place a bet late just to have action. Call it the night and enjoy yourself doing other events. Take the gf or wife out to eat.