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  • Betting college basketball winning formula

    Using the Four Factors Model to Bet on College Basketball

    Sports bettors are constantly looking for ways to increase their winnings. Bettors familiar with Dean Oliver should think about incorporating his Four Factors Model into their betting strategy as the ...
  • Sports Betting Wisdom

    Sports Betting Sayings That Might Actually Save You Money

    Sports betting is not an exact science, that is for certain. You have to spend time researching the numbers. But there is also room in your sports handicapping efforts for hunches. Do the numbers supp...
  • handicapping gams during Covid

    Adjusting Your Handicapping Methods for 2020

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that 2020 is the strangest year that they can remember. Businesses shut down and schools too for the Covid pandemic. The virus affected sports as well and cons...

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