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The Best NBA Betting Strategies For Beginners

January 28, 2023
how to bet the NBA

There has never been a better moment than the present to begin placing NBA wagers. The opportunities for NBA betting are almost limitless, since there are dozens of legitimate betting sites and hundreds of various wagers that can be placed on each game. But how can one go from a novice NBA bettor to an experienced one? 

Boost Your Output 

The first basketball betting advice you need is that expanding your selections is the greatest method to boost your chances. How do you go about that? Via the use of several accounts at sportsbooks. This allows you to compare shops for the team you wish to wager using the lowest moneyline. Look at the odds on other websites and you could discover the line you’re searching for if you see a -5 spread and say to yourself, “I would love that same line at -4.5.” You have a higher probability of discovering favorable lines the more sportsbook accounts you have. 

Home vs. Away

The home team’s edge in NBA betting has been progressively eroding for more than a decade. It’s still critical to understand which clubs have substantial home-court advantages and which don’t. Furthermore, some teams do very well on the road while others, particularly young or inexperienced teams, may suffer. Additionally, it’s important to understand that the home court advantage is already included into the odds

Money on the underdog

Betting on the underdog has potential to be profitable if done right. Any of the other 29 NBA clubs may be defeated on any given night by an NBA franchise. Therefore, there is certainly a game you should think about betting on if, for example, you believe that a +8 home underdog has a puncher’s chance of winning the game outright against the club they are facing. If you want to wager on a big underdog, you should be able to see them winning the game rather than merely covering. 

Momentum swings betting 

Understanding momentum swings is essential when live betting on NBA games. In live betting, a favorite’s odds may decrease by many points if they get off to a bad start. Because live betting happens so quickly, if you can time your bet perfectly, you may be able to place your wager on a favorite for a lot less money than you could have ever imagined. When placing live bets, you must determine which results are just momentum shifts and which contests are in fact mismatches in which the favorite may never catch up. 

Recognizing external factors 

The level of fatigue on an NBA squad is one of the most underrated yet important variables in NBA betting. A team that you wish to bet on is probably fatigued if they have played four games in six days, so you may want to pass on that gamble. But what if both teams are in the thick of a difficult schedule or are playing the second part of a back-to-back? Did one side get to rest their starters while the other team went into overtime the night before? When placing a wager on NBA teams, these are several important elements to take into account.