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Live Sports Betting Odds

August 27, 2018
live odds and live lines

These days are many ways to get sports odds. Back when I started in this industry, the odds were not as abundant as they are now. The internet, in its current incantation, was only 4 or 5 years old. To get sports betting odds you would go to USA Today’s website or go directly to one of the few sportsbooks that were available on the internet. The problem with using the lines at USA Today is that they were not live odds and there was no way to really know when they were last updated. The same problem occurred when you went to the sportsbook websites. The only way you could get the live lines was signing up for the sportsbook and clicking refresh every few minutes.

Live line services, like DonBest, were very expensive. And unless you were a bookie or betting $500 a game, there was no sense in paying top dollar for live lines.

Flash forward twenty years and live lines are everywhere. The country has warmed up to sports betting and you can hear any sportscaster wax on about the game odds or over/under.

We too offer live sports odds that feature a cross-section of sportsbook lines. is where you can find the latest sportsbook odds. Bookmark the page and check back often.

SBA was launched early in 2007 with the idea of providing free sports betting information to the general public. All that we ask in return is you become a loyal reader of our blog and tell you friends about us. You can share our posts on Twitter and that will really help keep wind in our sails.

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