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  • Mike Leake was a player who went straight to the bigs

    Has any player gone straight to MLB?

    Baseball is the oldest purely American sport that is also widely watched. It is also a unique sport in the way it handles its transition of amateur players transition to the pro ranks. The different l...
  • history of modern baseball

    5 Interesting Facts About the History of Baseball

    Baseball is a team game with a bat and a ball, in which millions of people around the world compete. In the United States of America, it is even called “national leisure”. If you love base...
  • Hunter Greene and Reds are Bad

    The Worst Team in Major League Baseball History?

    The Cincinnati Reds started the 2022 MLB season with a win over the defending World Series champion Atlanta Braves. The Reds 22-year-old pitching prospect Hunter Greene and his 100 mph heater tamed th...