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  • Bet this NBA underdog to win it all

    Bet This NBA Underdog to Win Their Conference

    There is still plenty of basketball left to be played and the trade deadline is just around the corner. Still, we can take a good hard look at the futures market and the race for conference winners. T...
  • Betting the NCAA tournament 2021

    Getting Ready to Bet March Madness 2021

    After having been cancelled in 2020 for the first time in its existence, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament – aka March Madness – is set to be played in 2021. There have been some changes....
  • NBA Championship Odds Updated

    Updated NBA Championship odds

    The NBA season is firmly under way and there have been some shake ups. Since we last posted the opening NBA championship odds much has changed. The Warriors lost their star player Steph Curry to a bro...

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