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  • Game 3 world series odds

    World Series Game 3 and Overall Series Odds Update

    The World Series has been an exciting one for those die hard fans of baseball and sports bettors alike. Even though World Series ratings are suffering their lowest point in the modern era, action for ...

  • Nats worlds series odds

    World Series Odds Updated and Game Three

    After losing game one of the World Series to the Nationals, the Astros were still favored to win it all. They went from -220 favorites before the series, down to -117 favored after losing game one. No...

  • klay thompson injury and point spread game 3

    Updated Series Odds and Point Spread NBA Finals

    Last night was a sloppy, run-amuck game in which Toronto led at half by five and should have led by more but the refs were calling all sorts of nonsense fouls. The game was almost unwatchable. As a gu...