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  • summer time sports to bet and make money

    Build Your Bankroll in the Dog Days of Summer

    Discouraged because the NBA Finals are coming up putting an end to what you thought was the betting season? Fret no more. You can still build your bankroll by betting in the summer months. Too many sp...
  • Guide to horse racing 2022

    A Quick Guide To Attending The Races

    Attending live horse racing as a spectator may be a regular hobby for many people but could also be a brand-new experience for others. Unlike other sports where you simply buy a ticket and then find y...
  • The 2019 Kentucky Derby Handicapping Preview

    Handicapping insight from a horse owner who may see things just a little differently. This year’s exotics ticket could look like a telephone number. This year favorites could be 7-1 or greater. Who ...

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