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  • Sabonis and Green fight over the ball

    Kings Futures Bet Looking Better and Better

    Its a unique thing to see the team that is up 2 games to none is just a mild favorite over the team down 0-2. It does not happen very often. We of course are talking about the Sacramento Kings who are...
  • KIngs vs Clippers second highest score of all time

    NBA Weekend Recap As Kings Beat Clippers In A High-Scoring Affair

    In a nail-biting battle that tied for the second-highest scoring contest in the annals of NBA history, the Sacramento Kings prevailed against the Los Angeles Clippers with a final score of 176-175. In...
  • Luke Walton to be fired next?

    Odds on Next NBA Coach to be Fired

    In the NBA, its the head coach that takes the blame for slow starts. Players playing badly, management and ownership take less of the blame. The head coach job is essentially a scapegoat when things a...

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