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  • Stanton on IL Other baseball news

    MLB – Braves Lose Pitcher After Punching Dugout – More

    The key to good pitching is to have a short memory. Each new batter is an opportunity for a do-over, and the previous batter must be forgotten. This is especially important when the previous batter(s)...

  • Dustin May leaves game and season

    Dodgers Lose Young Pitcher to Tommy John Surgery

    Injuries Continue to Plague Teams to Start the MLB Season One of the best and most exciting young pitchers in baseball will now be out of action for at least a year. Dodgers pitcher Dustin May is sche...

  • Theo Epstein Odds

    Odds Where Theo Epstein Will Go Next

    The baseball architect that built championships in Boston and for the Chicago Cubs is unemployed. Theo Epstein stepped down from the position with the Chicago Cubs earlier this month after a nine year...