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  • Caleb Williams QB

    What Did We Learn from Week 0 of College Football?

    Seven game were played this past weekend in what has come to be known as “week 0” of college football. They call it this because the small number of games aren’t enough to count as a...
  • Bills vs Dolphins upset but Bills are still favored to win Super Bowl

    NFL’s New Narratives (After Week 3)

    When closing the book on Week 2 of the NFL, there were a number of incontrovertible truths. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs were easily the best teams in the league, while the Atlanta Falcons...
  • Tua Melt

    Bookies Clean Up on NFL Sunday

    If you are a regular follower of this blog then you know we post a report on lopsided betting action before the weekend slate of games. This helps our readers see what the public is doing and maybe av...
  • how the bookie did this past weekend

    How the Bookie Did This Weekend – Betting Recap

    Week 7 NFL and week 8 NCAAF Betting Recap As you look around at the various sportsbook reports, you will see some that say they got hammered and some that say they did well. It really was a mixed bag ...