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  • Sharp action report bowls games 2023

    Bowl Games Sharp Action Report

    You probably have heard of “sharp action” by now. Theses are bets placed by individuals or syndicates that bet professionally, win more than they lose and whose action alone has been known...
  • sharp bettors vs squares

    To Watch or Not To Watch – Sharps vs. Squares

    The average public bettor tosses a few bucks on a game, typically a popular one, and then settles down with a few adult beverages to watch. Having some skin in the game makes it more exciting or, some...
  • Sharps take a bet on Raiders vs Chiefs

    Sharp Action Report on Raiders vs Chiefs SNF Game

    Sharp action is loosely defined as bets made by guys who are well-known for their ability to win at sports betting. The sportsbooks pay attention to these guys and how they bet to help craft the perfe...
  • sportsbook limiting players

    Why Sportsbooks Limit Some Players

    Over the years you may have heard of a sportsbook limiting a player. Whether you heard it on a movie, TV show or from someone in your personal life, you probably have heard of this happening. And it d...

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