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The #1 Sports Betting Tip: Don’t Listen to the Media

Scott Morris | April 2, 2014

I can’t stand ESPN. Their analysts are clueless and their programming is getting worse by the day. A decade ago, ESPN was actually a legit media outlet. Now they may as well change the name to MTV-Sports. The only reason to watch ESPN anymore is for a game. I’m singling out ESPN because they are the largest sports media outlet in the United States. Fox Sports, Yahoo! Sports, etc…they aren’t much better.

When it comes to sports betting, I can assure you that if you get your information from sources such as ESPN, you’re screwed. You will lose a lot of money copying Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso or Chris Berman’s picks. The media isn’t in the business of making accurate picks. They’re in the business of getting as many viewers as possible. Therefore, they are always going to cater to the big market teams. That’s what sells. The sports media almost always overrates the big market teams for this exact reason.

Free picks from sports talk radio shows are pointless

I love me some sports talk radio. There are so many entertaining hosts around the country. But that’s all it is to me – entertainment. Many of these shows – especially on Friday’s during football season – will make picks against the spread or bring a guest on that is allegedly an expert handicapper. While these segments are entertaining to listen to, I never copy their picks. They’re usually generic picks such as “I like Dallas because the game is at home and they have the better defense”. Do your own research and don’t rely on these bogus radio segments.

Media darlings aren’t nearly as great as you might think

Big market teams or elite college programs generally do have more talent than small market teams and lesser programs. But that doesn’t always translate to success. There are other factors besides talent and a team’s reputation that come into play. The media is in love with the biggest name teams because pimping those teams is what sells. Clueless sports bettors buy into this hype and lay tons of money on those teams…and then end up broke.

You can make good money betting against media darlings

There actually are many legit teams the media hypes up. Just because that idiot Dick Vitale is babbling on about how amazing a certain team is doesn’t mean they really are great. It also doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Sometimes Dicky V, and other morons in the sports media, are right. And, believe me, they’ll remind us all when they’re right but never fess up to being wrong. I make good money betting against media darlings. The best odds are on teams facing big market teams. But, again, just because a team is a media darling doesn’t mean they aren’t legit. Sometimes those teams actually are the smart bet. Do your research and find the teams that the general public will bet heavily because of media hype that aren’t worthy of the hype. Then bet against them.

The general public agrees with the sports media

As a society, we are brainwashed to believe everything the sports media tells us. ESPN could make the claim that Russell Wilson is now the greatest quarterback of all-time because he led the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, and the general public would believe it. As a sports bettor, you can’t allow yourself to buy into media hype. It’s usually completely bogus. Teams and players the sports media talks up usually aren’t near as good as they claim. And many teams they refuse to discuss are legit teams. You have to do your own research and not allow analysts that are paid to entertain to help you form an opinion.

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