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Sports Betting Advice for Beginners

Scott Morris | June 2, 2014

Sports betting is a lot of fun when you’re winning. Not so much fun when you’re losing. Not only do most experienced sports bettors lose in the long run, beginners are at an even bigger disadvantage. So here’s what I’m going to do for you since I’m such a nice guy. I’m going to give you some valuable advice for free.

This advice isn’t going to transform you into a millionaire overnight. But if you’re ready to sign-up for or some other online sportsbook, I can help you get started on the right track. Follow these tips and your initial sports betting experience will be pleasant:


Use a couple of online sportsbooks

The more the merrier, as they say. There are a few advantages to using more than one online sportsbook. Each sportsbook is different. You might sign-up for one and not like it. If you have another one to fall back on, you’ll be better off. Each sportsbook offers sign-up bonuses. But you can only collect this free money up to a certain maximum (usually $300-$600).

Having a second or third online sportsbook is nice because you can collect this free money 2-3 times. Lastly, but most importantly, having access to different betting lines is beneficial. Lines fluctuate from one sportsbook to another. The difference is usually minimal but can make a huge difference.


Don’t listen to what the media tells you

New sports bettors might be tempted to get their picks from ESPN or other media outlets. The analysts you see on ESPN or elsewhere are paid to entertain. They’re not paid to give real picks. So when Kirk Herbstreit is just so certain UCLA is going to dominate USC because UCLA has the better quarterback, that doesn’t mean you should log onto your sportsbook account and bet the mortgage on UCLA.

The media is in the money making business. They make big bucks by catering to fans of the big market teams. So just because the media is hyping up a big name team doesn’t mean that team is all that and a bag of chips. The media is all about making money, not about real sports analyses.


Follow trends, watch games, know the stats

Handicapping a game is difficult when you don’t put in much research. If you don’t know the teams like the back of your hand, you can’t accurately handicap a game. The goal of sports betting is to get an edge over the house. You can’t do that if you’re just taking random guesses with your picks. If you’re unsure about either team, don’t bet on the game.

Pay close attention to trends, not just short-term outcomes. How well does a team perform in situations similar to that of what they will face in the upcoming game? How well does Team A match-up against Team B? These are questions you must answer prior to placing a wager.


Be smart with your money

Most sports bettors are bad with money. But the ones that are good with money are the ones that have the most success. It’s a smart play to bet consistently instead of going crazy and betting big on one individual game. There is no such thing as a “lock”, I don’t care what your “guy” told you. Throwing a ridiculous amount of cash on one game because you have a “tip” will teach you a lesson.

That lesson is to bet a reasonable amount on each game. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me a certain team was a lock, and that team didn’t end up covering, I would be a very wealthy man. Bankroll management is one of the most important aspects of sports betting.

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