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2020 Presidential Odds

December 26, 2018
presidential odds 2020

Sportsbook Advisor is a mainly a sports betting information website. But, from time to time we like to mix in entertainment odds as well as political odds. Betting on who will win the next presidential election always attracts decent action at sportsbooks. And as this last election proved, the odds on favorite does not always win. See Trump vs Hillary Odds 2016

Today we will look at the latest odds on who will win the 2020 election. There have been some shake ups since we last reported this topic back in June. Donald Trump is still the favorite to win reelection however his odds have lengthened a little bit. Whether it is the daily barrage of semi-lucid tweets or the government shut down because of the border wall, more bettors are “bearish” on Trump and have started betting democratic candidates to win in 2020.

Kamala Harris has jumped Bernie Sanders and is now the Democrat front runner. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both saw their odds lengthened. Elizabeth Warren has dropped significantly after it was revealed she was lying about being a native american. Below are the current odds to win the 2020 election. Odds by BetOnline

CandidateOdds ($100 pays amount below)
Donald Trump175
Kamala Harris800
Beto ORourke1000
Joe Biden1400
Bernie Sanders1600
Mike Pence2000
Cory Booker2500
Tulsi Gabbard2500
Amy Klobuchar3300
Elizabeth Warren3300
John Hickenlooper3300
Kirsten Gillibrand3300
Michael Bloomberg3300
Ro Khanna3300
Tom Steyer3300
Ben Shapiro4000
Michael Avenatti4000
Dwayne The Rock Johnson5000
Eric Garcetti5000
Gavin Newsom5000
Michelle Obama5000
Nikki Haley5000
Oprah Winfrey5000
Andrew Cuomo6600
Howard Schultz6600
Jamie Dimon6600
Joe Kennedy III6600
Joe Rogan6600
John Kasich6600
Orrin Hatch6600
Paul Ryan6600
Tom Wolf6600
Chris Murphy8000
Hillary Clinton8000
Bob Iger10000
Caroline Kennedy10000
George Clooney10000
Ivanka Trump10000
Jon Stewart10000
Julian Castro10000
Leonardo DiCaprio10000
Mark Cuban10000
Rand Paul10000
Terry McAuliffe10000
Will Smith10000
Bill Gates15000
Clay Travis15000
Marco Rubio15000
Mark Zuckerberg15000
Stephen Colbert15000
Steve Bannon15000
Ted Cruz15000
LaVar Ball25000