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How to Bet Super Bowl Squares

Scott Morris | February 4, 2023

Super Bowl squares are one of the most well-liked side activities to do while watching the last NFL game of the year. Let’s quickly learn how the Super Bowl Squares work so you and your guests may join in on the fun. 

Super Bowl Squares: How Do They Work? 

There are other methods to wager on the game, including prop competitions and your favorite sports betting websites. Super Bowl squares are among the simplest and most enjoyable ways to socialize and enjoy the game. Even if your team didn’t make it and you simply came for the food and beverages, you still get to witness the action on the field without having a personal stake in the result. 

The grid used for Super Bowl squares is 10 by 10. In some ways, it resembles a bingo card. The columns are given to one team, and the rows to the other. Then, a number between 0 and 9 is at random allocated to each column and row. All participants need to do is choose a square depending on their predictions of the score at a certain point in the game (typically at the end of each quarter). 

Let’s suppose, for illustration purposes, that the Chiefs lead the Eagles 14–7 at the conclusion of the first quarter. That round is won by whomever selected the square that is at the point where the Eagle’s seven and the Chiefs’ four connect. The award rolls over in the absence of a claim on the square. It’s that easy. 

Prizes may be modified as payment points dependent on the game’s quarter, half, or conclusion. The greatest payout often occurs at the conclusion of the game. The cost of each square might be the same or somewhat more for those with superior chances. You are in charge of it. 

super bowl squares -how they work

Example of a filled out Super Bowl squares pool – source: Legal Sorts Betting

What Does History Tell Us? 

When you know how to play Super Bowl squares, winning may seem to be a completely random event. And that is true in regards to before the numbers are drawn. Once the numbers are drawn and assigned to a box you wil know your true chances of winning. The science of “scorigami” is a lovely art. As an example, a game has concluded with a 73-0 score (Chicago over Washington in 1940). In contrast, there has never been an NFL game with a score of 25 to 18. The numbers zero and seven have historically offered the highest chances of winning. Consider all the conceivable combinations only of those two. 0-0, 7-0, 7-7, 10-7, 10-10, 17-10, 17-17, etc. 

The desired result for the first quarter is zero. Zero has been the first-quarter score in one of the two teams’ outcomes in approximately half of the previous Super Bowls. As the Super Bowl progresses, things tend to get more dispersed, and the drives accumulate. The best number is thought to be seven. Four, one, and zero come next. Contrarily, attempt to avoid the numbers 2 and 5, which historically have had a low chance. 

Let’s start playing Super Bowl squares now that you know how to do it with everyone else. Print it out and let your visitors choose which squares to fill up. Now relax and have some fun while watching the Super Bowl. 

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