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  • Jazz sportsbook warning

    JazzSports Complaints and Downgrade

    In keeping with our efforts to help our readers stay aware of any pitfalls which exist or develop in online sports betting, today we are issuing a warning about the JazzSports family of sportsbooks. T...
  • Sportsbook who charge too much juice

    Which Sportsbooks Charge Extra Juice When Buying Points Off a Key Number?

    Sportsbooks book both sides of a bet and figure in their fee when doing so. Most of the time their fee, or  “vig” or “juice”, is 10%. Some sportsbooks have made a successful b...
  • sportsbook rating changes

    Sportsbook Grade Changes – Recent Moves

    Recently we reached out to our readers to find out what they thought about specific sportsbooks in question. The information campaign was a huge success and we had a few dozen people write in. Some re...

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