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JustBet Changes Their Web Address

March 10, 2018

If you are a JustBet (SBA Rating C-) customer you will now be logging into and not That is because the .cx site is no longer available after a dispute by a politician in a very newly aggressive Australian political atmosphere regarding the gambling industry.

.cx is regulated from Christmas Island, which is an “Australian external territory“. Justbet has said it has made the switch to avoid any problems and is also looking at other domain names to acquire as well.

JustBet Background

Justbet was an A+ rated sportsbook with SBA until it went under Bookmaker/CRIS management back in 2013. The Bookmaker/CRIS brand was involved in a policy change in 2010 which many in the industry deemed unscrupulous and cost many operators money.  You can see a news history of Bookmaker/CRIS here


The country has been in the gambling news a great deal lately. They have essentially transformed their online betting policies in just a few years. Here are a number of headlines about the country and gambling:

William Hill Sells Australian Division to Crownbet

Last year we reported how there was new legislation in Australia that imposed fees and regulations and how, as a result, gambling operators were leaving in droves. William Hill, the worlds biggest bookie, has just sold its share of Australian business to Crownbet. As per wikipedia: “Crown Resorts Limited is one of Australia’s largest gaming and […]

Pokerstars Group Gobbles Up More CrownBet Shares

Almost immediately after William Hill announced it was selling its Australian business to Crownbet, The Stars Group (Parent company of Poker Stars) announced it had increased its investment share of Crownbet from 62% to 80%. The Stars Group had made its first purchase of the 62% mentioned above on February 27th. That initial investment purchase […]

More Sports Betting Sites Leave Australia

As we reported earlier this year, sportsbooks and casinos have been shutting down their operations in Australia because the Aussie government has imposed laws and regulations that make it impossible for these companies to operate. Basically the Interactive Amendment Gambling Bill 2016 tightens the noose, so to speak, and only allows a certain small group to remain […]

New Online Gambling Bill in Australia – Operators Pull Out

The new online gambling legislation introduced in Australia last year is set to take effect and as a result internet gambling sites are pulling out of the country. The Interactive Amendment Gambling Bill 2016  was introduced in 2016…

Will Hill (Rating A) Complete withdraw from Australian Market

As first reported by us in April: April 25, 2012 WillHill (Rating A) Limits New Players from Australia. Gaming legislation is an ever evolving and changing process. In Australia right now changes are being made. As a result William Hill Sportsbook is not accepting new players from Australia, but will still maintain the existing clients […]



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