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  • Mattress Mack loses NCAA tournament bet 2023

    Mattress Mack at It Again – And by It We Mean Losing

    Everyone in the sports betting world has heard of Mattress Mack. Even if you are not in the sports betting world you may have heard of this guy. What started as a way to generate business at his furni...
  • Ladbrokes sportsbook news

    Forget the UK, Ladbrokes Looks to US Sports Betting Market to Enhance Growth

    The crackdown on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT), considered to be the “crack cocaine” of gambling in the UK, has been a huge blow to the core earnings of many of the nation’s sportsbooks, i...
  • will usa sports betting be largest market?

    Will the United States Become the Biggest Gambling Market in the World?

    Many countries around the world have enjoyed the freedom to bet on casino and sports games for many decades. And with the advent of the internet, people in those countries have had even easier access ...
  • JustBet Changes Their Web Address

    If you are a JustBet (SBA Rating C-) customer you will now be logging into and not That is because the .cx site is no longer available after a dispute by a politician in a very ...
  • New Jersey Expecting to Win Sports Betting Ruling

    The process of legalized sports betting in New Jersey is almost complete. All signs from inside the State of New Jersey are that they are expecting a positive ruling from the Supreme Court.  They are...
  • sports wagering

    Legalized and Regulated Sports Betting State by State News

    Sports betting has been in a grey area in the United States for quite some time. Some states and cruise boats allow it while others don’t. But, anyone can find an online bookie to take their bet...
  • UK betting terminal

    UK Bookmakers’ Stock Drops on News

    In the UK and Europe, they have had a more liberal (in the true sense of the word) view of sports and casino betting in the past than their cousins in the USA. Gambling is looked at as an activity for...

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