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  • Niners vs GIants preview and pick

    Thursday Night Football – 49ers vs Giants Free Pick

    The 49ers, despite encountering early defensive vulnerabilities against the Rams, successfully made pivotal adjustments in the second half, ultimately securing a victory. Conversely, Daniel Jones, the...
  • betting nba awards to make money

    Why You Should Be Betting on NBA Awards

    Today’s modern sportsbook has a wide range of betting opportunities for the smart bettor. It seems that each year, more choices are available. This is true in the year-end awards markets in all the ...
  • NBA All Star Game preview

    NBA All-Star Game Pick: Can Team Durant Snap LeBron’s Streak?

    Among LeBron James’ most notable achievements include a four-time NBA champion, four-time NBA Finals MVP and four-time regular-season MVP. However, a little-known accolade is since the NBA All-Star ...
  • handicapping gams during Covid

    Adjusting Your Handicapping Methods for 2020

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that 2020 is the strangest year that they can remember. Businesses shut down and schools too for the Covid pandemic. The virus affected sports as well and cons...
  • handicapping the new game

    Six Major Handicapping Changes this Season

    article from John Rothschild – Author of Best Selling: Football Betting Made Easy Every season we need to modify our models for market change. This year we need to start incorporating new analyt...
  • sports betting graph

    Quick…. Mid to Late Season Winning Angles

    For the NFL: Before the Bye Week: Going back to 2004, teams prior to their bye week, have covered 65% of the time. Example: In 2016 there were 19 wins against 10 defeats. Three of those losses were by...

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