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  • Can Sports Betting Be Profitable?

    Sports betting has risen in popularity over the last several years. Ever since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), sports betting has grown expo...
  • Final Four betting strategy

    Betting the Final Four

    After this weekend, we’ll be down to the final four teams that will compete for the college basketball national championship. If you are looking for a shot at winning a bracket contest, hopefully yo...
  • Why did Drake lose the Argentina world cup bet?

    Regular Time Soccer Betting & Why Drake Lost $1 Million

    Canadian rapper Drake has long been active in the sports betting industry. Although he is best known for being a super-fan of the Toronto Raptors, he has been spotted at plenty of other sporting event...
  • Super Bowl 57 point system handicapping approach

    The Numerical Approach to Betting Super Bowl LVII

    Every year, billions of dollars are staked on the Super Bowl. Although fans love it, they would love it even more if they were winning more bets. What if it was possible to predict who would win the S...
  • College basketball betting strategy early season

    Betting Early Season College Basketball

    There are some good reasons to bet when the college basketball season starts in November. However, there are a lot of reasons why gamblers might want to avoid betting on college basketball in the earl...
  • College football bowl games and post season strategy

    How to Bet College Football’s Postseason

    One of the best periods of the year for football fans is coming soon. The college football conference championships and bowl season will be here before you know it. Betting on college football postsea...
  • Betting baseball first 5

    How to Bet MLB First Five Innings

    There are multitudes of betting opportunities when wagering on Major League Baseball. There are the standard moneyline, total, and run line bets, but there are others that can offer unique value. One ...
  • MLB betting strategy

    Betting Early Season Baseball

    It’s been a long winter. That winter came after one of the more unusual MLB seasons in recent memory, a 60-game regular season followed by a postseason that culminated with a World Series for the Lo...
  • NBA Betting Tips for 2021

    NBA Betting Tips – How to Successfully Handicap the NBA

    While betting on the Super Bowl capped off another record season of wagers on the NFL, the NBA has become the next in line for many bettors. With more and more states in the U.S. legalizing betting an...
  • Canceling a sports bet

    How to Cancel Your Bet at a Sportsbook

    There will come a time in your sports betting career where you may second guess a bet that you placed. Maybe you placed that bet on an impulse, had too many margaritas, whatever the case. Now you want...

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