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  • Nathan Peterman QB

    The Top 10 Worst QBs in the History of the NFL

    As we get ready for the NFL conference championship games this weekend, we can relish in the fact that we will get to watch four elite quarterbacks attempt to get their respective teams to the Super B...
  • Brock Purdy

    Quarterback Issues in NFC West

    It’s not expected to be a very strong division during the 2023 season, but there is one clear betting favorite in the NFC West. A rough few days in this division, especially at quarterback.  Three ...
  • Bryce young 2023 potential season in the NFL

    Which NFL Rookie QB Will Make the Biggest Impact in 2023?

    The NFL has long been a passing league and, as such, has placed a huge demand on finding franchise quarterbacks. The 2023 season is no different and its draft represents the choices that teams are wil...
  • players on the move March 2023 NFL football

    Quarterback Carousel Spinning Again

    The offseason preceding the NFL’s 2022 campaign featured quarterbacks on the move, and the carousel at that position is starting to spin faster in 2023. It was pretty incredible how many recognizabl...
  • Where NFL QB Free Agents May Land in 2023

    The NFL offseason for 2023 has begun. This week, franchise tags can be put on players, and soon after that, free agency will start. Clubs can start negotiating with unsigned players on March 13, the f...
  • Dalton is QB 1 in New Orleans

    The Midseason Quarterback Shuffle

    The New England Patriots went into their Monday night game with the Chicago Bears in an enviable position at quarterback. Their Rookie of the Year of a season ago, Mac Jones, was on the sideline with ...
  • Daniel Jones is bad

    The Worst QBs in the NFL in 2022

    NFL fans, and sports fans in general, are always interested in the best. Who’s the best team? Who’s the best player? In the NFL, fans are often intrigued by the best quarterback. Aaron Rodgers has...
  • Mariota in Atlanta

    Who Will Start Game 1 at QB for Atlanta, Carolina in 2022?

    NFL teams head to training camp beginning this week with the rookies for several teams reporting by Saturday. It won’t be long before preseason games will be taking place. Two of the more interestin...
  • List of First Round QB's 2022

    Why Four QBs Could Be Taken in Round 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft

    Since 2000, 65 quarterbacks have been taken in the first round of the NFL draft. In the last two drafts alone, a total of nine quarterbacks have gone in Round 1. It’s the most important position in ...
  • QB's still left available 2022

    Who’s Left Riding the Quarterback Carousel?

    It seems like ages ago that the biggest quarterback question the NFL odds faced was the future of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. He didn’t go anywhere, but others did. So, let’s see which teams now h...

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