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  • Russel Wilson Trade Talk

    J.J. Watt to Arizona & Other Possible Moves

    Future Hall of Famer and unexpected prize free agent J.J. Watt has chosen the Arizona Cardinals as his new team. The face of the Texans franchise for the last decade signed a two-year deal worth $31 m...
  • Wilson plays next odds

    Odds Where Russel Wilson Will Play Next

    Its that time of the season for NFL fans where not much is happening at all. So, we create “what if” scenarios to keep ourselves entertained. The ultimate version of these ‘what if&#...
  • NFL MVP Odds Aaron Rodgers

    NFL MVP Odds – Aaron Rodgers Jumps Up After Big Week 1

    The Packers offseason brought some tumult to fans as the team drafted a QB in the first round. This was the writing on the wall for Aaron Rodgers, many fans felt. The end of an era. But after his week...