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Reasons to Use Multiple Sportsbooks

March 3, 2018

Something we have been preaching for years is to have more than one sportsbook account active and ready to bet. There are several reasons for this. We will outline them in this article.

Line Shopping

There are many advantages to betting sports online vs being on foot in Las Vegas. You don’t have to walk or Uber a mile down the road to shop for the best betting line. You are sitting on your couch in front of a TV and all you have to do to get a better line is open a new window in your browser.

Getting a half a point advantage on a game you bet by shopping around will happen all the time if you have multiple sportsbooks. It may not seem to matter at first but in the very long run, it can create a 5% advantage to your bankroll.

Backup Bet

In light of recent events where a very popular sportsbook went down for an entire day with network outages, leading some people to freak out, takes us to #2 on this list. If your favorite or preferred sportsbook is down for internet issues, you have a backup plan. Not being able to cash on wins for a day or two can be the difference between a winning and losing betting season.

Bonus Money

If you have multiple sportsbooks and like to use bonus offers, then, this is a great way to get multiple first time bonuses. Your initial deposit bonus is usually the best offer you will ever get from a sportsbook. An example is Sportsbook XYZ offers 100% bonus on first time deposits. But then any deposit after that, they only offer 50% re-ups.

Now by opening a second and third account at different sportsbooks, you can take advantage of first time deposit offers again.

How Many Sportsbook Accounts Should I Have?

I have found the magic number to be 3. Anymore than 3 sportsbooks and you can get annoyed at the process. Or you can get your wires crossed, thinking you placed a wager at one sportsbook but later realizing it was a different one.

Three sportsbooks will give you good line coverage and you won’t have to juggle too many balls, so to speak.

Final Conclusion on Strategy

In my opinion, if you are able to do this, you should load your entire bankroll and split it between three sportsbooks. Reminder: Your bankroll is the amount you are comfortable betting and losing in a season without it damaging your lifestyle. So, lets say your 2018 bankroll is $9,000. I would put $3K in each of three accounts. Accept the bonus offer if it sounds reasonable. Shop for the best line and play the best line. Sportsbooks we recommend and that have solid reputations can be found here.

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