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  • Man placing bet at sportsbook

    Do Sportsbooks Move Lines Based on Sharp Action?

    Like any smart bettor, sportsbooks will often use any edge possible to maximize their profits. Almost anything is on the table so long as it isn’t illegal. So, will a sportsbook actually move li...
  • McGregor return to UFC

    How Well Will UFC Fans Welcome McGregor Back to the Octagon?

    When we are talking about UFC, there are a few names that stick out more than others, fighters that have really stood out throughout the years since the UFC launched. Amongst these names, we find figh...
  • NCAA Stance Remains the Same on Sports Betting, Certain Schools Want a Fee

    The NCAA has said it remains opposed to receiving monies from legalized sports betting, while a number of universities look at the possibility of individually receiving revenues. The NCAA said it rema...
  • UK betting terminal

    UK Bookmakers’ Stock Drops on News

    In the UK and Europe, they have had a more liberal (in the true sense of the word) view of sports and casino betting in the past than their cousins in the USA. Gambling is looked at as an activity for...
  • UK sports betting

    Sports Betting in United Kingdom

    We all love sports and what makes it even more alluring is the excitement and adventure it has stored in it for all. Whether you are playing on the field or are just watching it, sports entice most of...
  • Final Week of NFL Regular Season Won by Sportsbooks

    Bookmakers won week 17 of the NFL regular season but it was much closer than Week 15. The books were helped on the weekend when popular teams like the Jets and Patriots both lost outright to help the ...
  • Bookmakers Win Big Thanks to Eagles, Saints and Steelers

    Week 13 in the NFL saw the bookmakers rally from some early losses to win big thanks to New Orleans, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Despite, the books taking it on the chin with St. Louis not covering a...
  • Sportsbooks Full of Smiles Following Upset Filled NFL Week 9

    The unusual touchdown on the final play in the New York Giants win of 32-18 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made OVER bettors ecstatic and under bettors joyless. It also cashed a parlay of four teams...

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