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  • staley is the next head coach to be fired

    Frank Reich Out in Carolina – Next Head Coach Fired Odds

    Congratulations if you picked Frank Reich to be the next head coach fired. You have a talent that should be explored. Reich wasn’t the favorite to be fired next according to –...
  • Ron Rivera to be fired next?

    Riverboat Ron Leads List of Coaches Most Likely to be Fired Next

    There is a great deal of bad football being played out there and fans of big money-making organizations like the Commanders and the Vikes are running out of patience. Teams make money when fans spend ...
  • Next NFL coach to be fired 2022 season

    Next NFL Head Coach to be Fired Odds

    The NFL season is not going very well for a bunch of teams. In a “win now” league it doesn’t matter what you did last year. Case and point is Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kings...
  • Kingsbury may be next

    The Next NFL Head Coach to Get the Axe

    Carolina’s Matt Rhule went down first. After a 1-4 start, the Panthers had enough. Rhule coached 38 games for Carolina and won 11 of them. In today’s “win now” culture, 11-for-38 just wasn’t...
  • Will Scott Frost be Fired?

    First College Football Coach Fired Odds – Scott Frost Fired Odds

    Its not that bettors are hoping that coaches get fired. But if it is going to happen anyway, may as well bet on it and make some money, right? In this article we will feature a list of the college foo...
  • Dave Martinez next to be fired?

    Next MLB Manager to be Fired Odds

    With the recent firing of Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo, people now wonder which MLB manager is next to get the axe. When considering which manager will get fired you have to account for s...
  • CFB Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2021

    After a 2020 college football season made interesting by the coronavirus, the prevailing thought was that schools would go easy on coaches and shy away from paying big buyouts to fire them. That was n...
  • First NFL Coach to be Fired Odds 2021

    Which NFL Head Coach Will Be Fired First in 2021?

    With mandatory mini-camps wrapping up on June 17, it’s roughly five weeks until teams start reporting to their training camps. There are a handful of coaches, maybe more, that really need to get it ...
  • Luke Walton to be fired next?

    Odds on Next NBA Coach to be Fired

    In the NBA, its the head coach that takes the blame for slow starts. Players playing badly, management and ownership take less of the blame. The head coach job is essentially a scapegoat when things a...
  • NBA coach to be fired first odds

    Odds on First NBA Coach Fired

    Some people think that betting on which coach will be fired is a bit morbid. But, if its going to happen anyway, you may as well take a shot at it. Earlier this month the first coach in the NFL to be ...

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