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  • Does buying the half really work long term?

    How Often Does Buying the Hook Matter?

    In Week 9 of the 2022 NFL season, the Los Angeles Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were both winners as 3-point favorites. Those that bet on the Chargers and Bucs weren’t as happy with their result...
  • Sportsbook who charge too much juice

    Which Sportsbooks Charge Extra Juice When Buying Points Off a Key Number?

    Sportsbooks book both sides of a bet and figure in their fee when doing so. Most of the time their fee, or  “vig” or “juice”, is 10%. Some sportsbooks have made a successful b...
  • How much can you save at a reduced juice sportsbook

    Reduced Juice Sportsbooks are a Must for Any Serious Bettor

    If you are a casual sports betting fans you definitely have at least heard of reduced juice sportsbooks. You may have even played at one and not paid much attention to the juice that much. But if you ...
  • How to work off your rollover

    3 Surefire Ways to Work Off a Large Rollover

    So, you took the big bonus thinking “what the heck, who cares how big the rollover is?”. But here you are. You have won more than you have lost and you have several thousand dollars in you...
  • What is a Dime Line in Baseball Betting?

    If you are not overly familiar with betting on baseball, you may not know what a “dime line” is. The dime line refers to the amount of juice or vigorish that the sportsbook charges to book...

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