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  • Las Vegas dying?

    Is Vegas Dying? Is It Obsolete?

    It would make sense to think that sports betting is dying in Las Vegas. The city (and state of Nevada) had a monopoly on sports betting for years. Then came the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in May of 201...
  • Super Bowl 57 handle and tv ratings report and analysis

    Super Bowl 57 Handle and TV Ratings Final Report

    The game has been played the Chiefs were victorious thanks to outstanding performances by Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Super Bowl 57 was expected to match or break records in both TV ratings and ...
  • Super Bowl handle report 2023 Super Bowl 57

    Super Bowl 57 Handle Expected to Break Records

    A new record is expected to be set for the amount of money bet on the Super Bowl this year. According to a survey by the American Gaming Association, it’s predicted that American gamblers will w...
  • Super Bowl betting history

    A Brief History of Super Bowl Betting

    The Super Bowl is not just one of the biggest sporting events of the year, it’s also a time for friends, family and fans to come together, watch the game and make some bets. Betting on the Super Bow...
  • People placing a wager in New Jersey sportsbook

    Which State Bets the Most on Sports + Other Betting Demographics

    There are now 33 states that have some form of state-sanctioned sports betting and more states have legislation in process to do the same. And with online sportsbooks you can bet from all 50 states. H...
  • Vegas handle report 2022 and 2021

    Is Vegas Suffering From Legalized Sports Betting in the U.S.?

    Online sports betting has been happening in Nevada, primarily Las Vegas, since 2010. It was the only state in the U.S. with legal sports betting until 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the P...
  • Why Did it Take the U.S. So Long to Accept Sports Betting?

    For years, the only place you could lay down a legal sports bet in the U.S. was in Las Vegas, Nevada. That all changed with the overturning of the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAS...
  • New Jersey sets ports betting handle record

    New Jersey Sets Record with $1B in Accepted Wagers

    The landscape of state-level sports betting has been growing every single year. The state which led the charge in making sports betting a licensed and regulated activity within the borders of the Unit...
  • College football season totals to wager on right away -time sensitive

    5 NCAA Team Season Win Totals to Bet Right Now

    Believe it or not, the 2021 college football season is less than 48 hours away. Five games are on tap for this Saturday before things really take off over the course of next week. Before it gets under...
  • College football underrated teams 2021

    Top 5 Underrated College Football Teams for 2021

    It seems like the same four to five college football programs get most of the press when a new season is about to begin. It’s no different in 2021 as defending national champion Alabama, Clemson, Oh...

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