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  • Dave Portnoy quits betting

    Portnoy to “Quit Gambling” After Latest Big Loss

    The Eagles game vs Buffalo this past Sunday was a wild one to say the least. But it wasn’t a clean one. Just like previous games earlier in the season, the refs seemed to only call it one way. W...
  • Mattress Mack Super Bowl 57 report

    Mattress Mack Sitting Out Super Bowl 57

    The furniture store guru from Texas Mack MacIngvale says he is “sitting this one out.”. He goes on to say that “the odds are too tight.” The odds he is referring to are the 1.5...
  • Mush bets and loses

    What is a Mush?

    There are a great deal of intricacies in sports betting. You have many factors which go into betting on a game. Hopefully you are able to factor in all variables and see a clear edge. You can then bet...
  • Crazy Super Bowl Stories

    The Absolutely Most Bizarre Stories in Super Bowl History

    There’s that common phrase: “you can’t make this stuff up.” What follows are a number of stories related to the NFL’s ultimate game – the Super Bowl. When you read each story, you may even...
  • Michael Jordan

    That Time MJ Took a Mercedes from a Rookie

    Any of us that have been around for a while remember the stories of Michael Jordan and gambling. He would famously bet on holes of gold and fly to Vegas to try his hand against the house. But did you ...
  • Franzese discusses fixing games

    Former Mobster Discusses Fixing Games

    68 year old Michael Franzese is a former member of the Colombo crime family in New York. He has had a life full of every mobster activity you can imagine. He did a lot of time in prison as well and is...

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