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2020 Presidential Odds

July 19, 2019
2020 election odds

The political landscape has not been this charged in many years in the United States. Many people blame one single man for the schism without seeing the reason why so many people are supporting him. The media misled everyone in 2016 and had them convinced that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in for President. That convincing even affected the betting odds as Hillary was as much as a 5-1 favorite to win that election.

Opening odds of the 2016 season started with Trump as 150-1 odds. This was well before the candidate for either side was firmly in place. Sportsbooks were overexposed with Trump action from the beginning.

One UK sportsbook even paid out Hillary Clinton as a winner weeks before the election. It was part publicity stunt and part low-risk bet for them, or so they thought. They, like everyone else believed Clinton was going to win in a land slide. Although it cost them money, the risk exposure wasn’t nearly as great as it was for U.S. facing sportsbooks.

In 16 months the people of the United States will either elect a new President or re-elect the Donald. Below are the updated odds on who will be in office come 2021.

CandidateOdds (Risking $100 to win number below)
Donald Trump+100
Kamala Harris+600
Elizabeth Warren+900
Joe Biden+1000
Bernie Sanders+1400
Pete Buttigieg+1400
Andrew Yang+2000
Beto ORourke+5000
Tulsi Gabbard+6600
Cory Booker+8000
Amy Klobuchar+10000
Julian Castro+10000
Mike Pence+10000
Tom Steyer+10000
Jay Inslee+15000
John Hickenlooper+15000
Kirsten Gillibrand+15000
Seth Moulton+15000
Marianne Williamson+25000