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A Case for Betting Gonzaga to Win the NCAA Tournament Right Now

April 1, 2021
Bet Gonzaga to win it all now

The futures odds currently have Gonzaga as the favorite to win the entire tournament at -200 moneyline odds. They are currently -14 point favorites to beat UCLA in the Final Four and will go onto face either Houston or Baylor.

We have had great success in our very own look ahead lines. We have predicted the spread either right on the money or within a point. You can see an example here: Final Four Look Ahead Lines

If you are waiting for Gonzaga to make it to the championship game to bet them, you will be losing some value. According to our look ahead lines on the NCAA basketball Championship Game, Gonzaga will be favored by 6-7 points over Baylor or 11 points over Houston. This would make Gonzaga -260 to -300 over Baylor and roughly -800 over Houston.

If you like Gonzaga to win it all now, and are positive that they will defat UCLA, you can get a 20-25% boost by taking them to win it all now. You can bet these Gonzaga futures now at any one of our top rated sportsbooks.

We created a table below comparing Gonzaga to Houston and Baylor concerning major statistics.

OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS9.5712.6414.48Houston
DEFENSIVE REBOUNDS28.4723.3626.42Gonzaga
FIELD GOAL PERCENTAGE54.8848.6443.7Gonzaga
FREE THROW PERCENTAGE73.4170.1573.23Gonzaga
THREE POINTERS7.69.939.19Baylor

For those counting Gonzaga has a 5-2 overall advantage against Houston and Baylor.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

Here is a screen shot of our Gonzaga wagers based on the information above. $1200 to win $600 in total (2 separate bets). We don’t want people thinking we give this advice flippantly and with no skin in the game. Threw a little Baylor moneyline (over Houston) wager in there too.

Our wagers on Gonzaga to win it all