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Two Prop Bets in NFL 2017 Draft Worth Considering

April 24, 2017

Thursday night the 2017 NFL Draft begins and another new group of talented football players are preparing to begin their NFL careers. This year like every year in the past, several questions arise at this time just hours before the first pick is made and this year is just the same. Fans, bettors and pundits […]

Odds Shrinking for Browns Going 0-16

December 2, 2016

The NFL regular season has just five weeks remaining and while a number of teams are battling for division titles and playoff berths, one team each week is attempting to win its first game of the season. The Cleveland Browns have lost all of their 12 games thus far this season. Sportsbooks online continue to […]

Pair of Prop Bets for NFL Week 9

November 4, 2016

Week 9 in the NFL will have some very interesting matchups and odds maker have added to sport bettors’ enjoyment by offering up props. Betting props make betting on sports that much more enjoyable as it does not necessarily matter if a particular team wins or covers, but how an individual or team performs in […]

NFL Betting: Trap Games, Over/Under and the Weather

August 23, 2016

Everyone betting the NFL is looking for a better angle but most do not look deep enough or put in time to cap like the pros. Here a few techniques one can use to turn a loser into a winner. Betting on props can equate to winning big dollars. The average bettor in the NFL […]

Some Not So Ordinary Super Bowl Prop Bets

February 4, 2016

While the Super Bowl has its regular bets on the moneyline, point spread and over/under point total, there are hundreds of props to choose from related to the coin toss, the first score, the final team to score and more and more. However, there are also prop bets that include other sporting events (cross sport […]