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  • Betting Anytime Touchdown

    How to Bet the NFL Anytime Touchdown Prop

    It is becoming one of the more popular prop bets among NFL bettors. The Anytime Touchdown prop has increased in popularity as bettors more familiar with fantasy football enter the market.  What is in...
  • Will Big Ben be Benched Odds

    Odds on Will Steelers Bench Roethlisberger This Season

    Talking head sports shows are abundant in this country. You have the mainstream ones from the likes of ESPN and you have sidestream national programs like Barstool and SportsWars. The line between mai...
  • Super Bowl streaker

    Super Bowl Streaker Will Not be Paid

    When everyone on social media started sharing the streaker meme,  it immediately piqued my interest. The image claimed that he was a “betting genius” not some dumb criminal. It claimed he...
  • Philli Rivers next team

    Phillip Rivers Next Team Odds

    NFL QB Phillip Rivers is a man without a team. He and the L.A. Chargers have parted ways. The 16 year vet is now free to sign on with any team that will have him. Some offshore sportsbooks have placed...
  • Prop bet picks SB 54

    Our Super Bowl 54 Prop Picks

    The prop bet has become more and more popular every year. What started off as a fun way for sportsbooks to keep bettors engaged and perhaps turn an extra bucks has turned into somewhat of a national p...