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  • NFL ROTY odds

    NFL Additions to Rosters, OROTY Odds

    The 2024 NFL draft might be over, but not the off-season activity as teams continue adding to their rosters. There aren’t a ton of huge free agents still there, but there are chances to grab some pl...
  • NFL Rookie of the year odds

    Betting the NFL Offensive ROTY

    You will be better off betting the NFL Offensive ROTY if you have a plan. If you’re just betting on a whim, go light your money on fire. Better yet, buy a nice bottle of bourbon and forget about bet...
  • Jordan Ivey rookie of the year odds

    NBA Draft 2022 – Hits & Misses + ROY Odds

    After Golden State wrapped up its fourth NBA title in the last eight years, the NBA draft was held on June 23 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Each and every year, there are teams that win with the...
  • NFL Rookie of the Year Odds 2022

    2022 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds

    The NFL draft came and went. The best players in college football were drafted by their respective teams. Now there are odds available as to which of those players will earn accolades in 2022. In this...
  • Evan Mobley drafted by the Cavs

    Favorites to Win 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year

    If you missed it, the 2022 NBA draft took place at the end of July and went on pretty much as expected. Oklahoma State freshman Cade Cunningham was expected to be the first player drafted. When the De...
  • Rookie of the Year Odds 2021 NFL

    Favorites to Win 2021 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    With the 2021 NFL draft having come and gone, the speculation now is on which rookies will make the biggest impact. We already know about the three quarterbacks selected No. 1, 2, and 3 in the draft. ...
  • Handicapping The NFL OROY Race

    The last two National Football League Offensive Rookie of the Year pursuits quickly turned into two-horse races between a quarterback who was drafted first overall and a running back. Last year, it wa...
  • Nick Bosa Rookie MVP Odds

    NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds

    We are 5 games into the season and we have all had a chance to see some of the rookie players this season. We have seen Kyler Murray running around like a chicken sans head. We have seen Daniel Jones ...
  • NBA Rookie of year picks

    NBA Rookie of the Year Odds and Picks

    The NBA draft took place last week and it was no surprise that the New Orleans Pelicans drafted Zion Williamson, the number one ranked player coming out of college first overall. The picks right after...
  • Kyler Murray ROY odds

    NFL Rookie of Year Odds

    The 2019 season cannot get here fast enough. I like baseball but it is just not enough to sustain my sports appetite.. The 2019 NFL season does not start until September 5th. That is roughly ten weeks...

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