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  • Baseball news and updates

    Baseball Free Agents Receive Qualifying Offers

    Sunday was the deadline for teams to tender offers to their own eligible free agents. The qualifying offer is a one-year contract that equals the average of the top 125 salaries in baseball, which thi...
  • NYY Lose series - MLB news - September 6, 2021

    Yankees Slide Continues After Series Loss to Baltimore

    The formula for holding on to postseason berths in September is an easy one: Win the games you are supposed to. That is not what happened this weekend for the New York Yankees, who dropped a home seri...
  • Can Shohei Ohtani win the MLB MVP?

    Can Ohtani Really Win The AL MVP Award?

    He came into the 2021 season as a curiosity for much of the fandom of Major League Baseball. A pitcher that was also a designated hitter. Interesting, but not exactly the biggest headline maker in bas...
  • All Star MLB News

    MLB Names All-Star Finalists

    Phase one of Major League Baseball’s All-Star voting is over. The field of eligible starters for the game in Denver in two weeks has been narrowed to three players per position, per league. It is no...
  • Stanton on IL Other baseball news

    MLB – Braves Lose Pitcher After Punching Dugout – More

    The key to good pitching is to have a short memory. Each new batter is an opportunity for a do-over, and the previous batter must be forgotten. This is especially important when the previous batter(s)...
  • Tatis Out with Covid and deGrom Injured

    MLB – Tatis Jr. Tests Positive for COVID-19 & More

    Shortly before the San Diego Padres began a three-game series in Colorado, the team announced that shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. had contracted COVID-19 and was placed on the injured list. Jurickson Pr...
  • MLB Opening Day outlook 2021

    Spring Training Wraps Up

    Major League Baseball teams have broken their spring training camps and are now headed to the road to begin the regular season on April 1. It’s a time of excitement and anticipation, and for the Met...

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