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  • Lakers need to tear down current team

    Why The Lakers Should Dismantle This Current Team

    Before the 2018–19 season, the Los Angeles Lakers acquired LeBron James. That year, the Lakers went 37-45 before adding a few more pieces to the puzzle. The Lakers won the NBA championship in a COVI...
  • NBA championship odds

    NBA Starts Today – NBA Championship Odds

    The 2022-2023 is already upon us. The preseason quietly came and went and here we are, opening day 2022. There are two games featured tonight. They pair up four teams with championship hopes/expectati...
  • Lakers next coach odds

    Who Will Be the Next LA Lakers Head Coach?

    It’s the New York Yankees job of the NBA. The head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers seems to always have one foot out the door. That’s exactly what happened to Frank Vogel, who won an NBA champions...
  • Is Lebron’s Career Over?

    By looking at the figures, you would never guess that LeBron James was entering his 19th season in the NBA. He’s presently averaging 27.6 points per game for the Los Angeles Lakers—the most he...
  • The Lakers Are Just Too Old to Win Another Title

    It’s like Old Dogs meets Grumpy Old Men. The Los Angeles Lakers are just too old to win another NBA title. Well, that plus the fact that there just aren’t enough basketballs to go around. But, mai...
  • Klye Kuzma Bids goodbye to Lakers

    Kyle Kuzma Gets Emotional on His Goodbye to Lakers

    It has been a nice and productive run for Kyle Kuzma with the LA Lakers, four complete seasons in which he was even able to become an NBA champion, along with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and that grea...
  • New NBA odds post draft

    2021-22 NBA Title Odds Post Draft

    The 2021 NBA draft concluded July 29 and the theme, if there was one, was one of trades. The biggest, of course, was the pre-draft deal that sent Russell Westbrook to Los Angeles where he will become ...
  • Do People Bet on Popular Teams Even When They Suck?

    There are plenty of bettors that place wagers because it’s fun, but the majority of bettors would rather win bets than lose. That means they have to find winners and oftentimes picking betting winne...
  • Possible finals preview - nets vs Lakers

    2021 NBA Finals Prediction

    With the 2020-21 NBA season moving into its second half, it’s time to look once again at the NBA futures market specifically at the NBA Finals matchups. A handful of teams appear to have what it tak...
  • NBA picks to win the championship

    NBA Futures: Betting the 2021 NBA Championship

    After winning the franchise’s 17th NBA championship in 2020, the Los Angeles Lakers opened the 2020-21 season as the favorite to repeat. While the Lakers are still the overall favorite, there has be...

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