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  • Lakers and NBA Odds

    NBA Championship Odds 2019

    The NBA pre-season is in full swing. Teams are warming up to play the 82 game season which starts October 22nd. Games will be shown on one of the following networks: ABC, TNT, ESPN, NBA TV ESHY Los An...
  • Lakers heavy favorites to win it all

    Volatile NBA Futures Market

    The NBA off-season has been one of the most active and entertaining in recent years. Kawhi Leonard, MVP in the NBA Finals, is just part of the headline news. Other top players have been relocating as ...
  • Anthony Davis to Lakers trade

    NBA Odds Post Anthony Davis Trade

    There was a major shake up to the NBA odds this weekend as the LA Lakers were able to secure a trade with New Orleans for perennial all-star Anthony Davis. The Lakers are obviously is “win now&#...
  • lebron to lakers odds

    Lakers Extreme Favorite for Lebron

    A lot has happened since we published the odds on where Lebron James will play next year (2 and a half weeks ago). Since then, he has declined his player option with Cleveland. And this isn’t a ...
  • where will lebron go?

    Lebron James Next Team Odds

    Why on Earth people bet certain props is beyond me. I mean, the likelihood that you have real inside information on a national topic is remote. But, some people get hunches and they want to bet on the...